Techila Global Services - Enabling Organisations Build Stronger Customer Relationships

CIO Vendor The market has reached a point where products and services have become increasingly commoditized. This added with the low barriers to market entry has made the competition only tougher. So how does any organisation or an enterprise establish dominance over the domain? The most important deciding factor is the end user or the customer- the most valuable asset to any organization. Under the given context, it may come to be of little surprise to learn that CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications now lead among all enterprise software categories. However the mere implementation of the best CRM application isn’t enough. With technology offerings constantly changing, organisations need technology partners who add value by assessing business needs and adapting technologies that maximize the effectiveness of companies.

This is where Pune based Techila Global Services comes into picture. A business solutions partner, Techila aligns its best technology resources to enable enterprises achieve their set goals, enhance, performance in various areas as well as improve the overall revenue. Headed by seasoned entrepreneur, Chitiz Agarwal as the CEO, the firm brings in expertise in Salesforce Development and Consulting services. Providing an insight into CRM market, the CEO says, “When we dived into this domain, we found that a number of organisations, from different domains were still using legacy systems for their business. Surprising as it may sound, fewer organisations were aware about Cloud based solutions. Techila, as a CRM expert reaches out to such organisations in an attempt to help them realise the several benefits and automations across the processes. A chief benefit clients often experience with our technology expertise is the ability to make quick decisions.”

Techila aligns its best technology resources to enable enterprises achieve their set goals, enhance, performance in various areas as well as improve the overall revenue

With footprints all over the world and an experience spanning across six years in the Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud, Techila’s capabilities ranges from Visualforce Design and Development, Apex Programming, Trigger’s, workflow, process builder Management, Data Migration, Data Management, UX Designing, SOAP, Reporting and Analytics of Sales, Service cloud, Portal Development and more. Pardot is yet another solution, over which Techila exercises great dexterity. Over the years the firm has been able to successfully leverage this solution to empower the operations of Sales and Marketing to create better customer journeys. The amalgamation of a robustness of Pardot with Techila’s expertise have resulted in increased revenue, automation of campaign processes, email management, stronger sales pipeline, customer engagement and retention with increased the ROI. Building websites and mobile applications are among the added services that enable Techila to exert a greater impact over client’s business visits and performance.

Adhering to the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) standards and Agile methodology enables Techila to ensure that every stage of the solution development is productive. A track record of on-time delivery and suc-cessful implementations are among the leading factors that have enabled the Techila to create a distinction in the market. Unique solutions that are high on quality yet cost efficient tops as most important factor that en-ables the firm to deliver greater customer satisfaction. In the near future, Techila Global Services can be ex-pected to emerge as a Salesforce Platinum partner along and also roll out a series of cloud based products for the finance industry.